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Welcome to Jewellers here you will find a range of watchmakers & clockmakers tools, equipment, Parts and clock and watch keys. We Also have jewellers tools, jewellery equipment, finding and boxes, for a range of Specialist professions. We to supply to many specialists and professionals including Jewellers, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths, Horologists, Watch and Clock repairers and Antique Restorers & many more. We are always working to keep prices low and competitive, bringing you a top quality service in the wholesale trade. Please click here to bookmark us!

Watch & Clock Tools, Parts & Keys
Tools sets, watch case back opener, case press closer, hand remover, link pin & spring bar remover, case knife opener, movement holders for watches, Rolex watch openers, brooch sets, dust blowers, spring bars, hands for clocks, clock Pendulums, clock finials, brass watch & clock keys, French clock keys, nickel watch & clock keys, pocket watch keys, leatherette watch box.

Jewellers Tools
Tool sets, digital scales, saw frame & blades, diamond & moissanite testers, gold & silver acid testers, tweezers, engraving machine, pickup tool, ring clamp holder, ring stretcher, ring mandrel, ring gauge measurement tool, ring finger sizes, diamond and pearl gauges, Moe gauge, wrist gauge, gold & silver burnishes, gold & silver testers, earrings, pendant, necklace boxes, jewellery cleaning basket, jewellers hammers, work holder, third hands, eye glasses, eye loupes, Magnifiers.

Jewellers, Clockmakers & Watchmakers Pliers
Heavy duty pliers, slim line pliers, watch strap hole punchers, watch strap notching pliers, watch case closing pliers, flat nose, chain nose, round nose, end cutters, side cutters, ring holding pliers, ring bending pliers, flat & round, flat & half round, flat & concave.

Jewellery Displays
Jewellery and watch displays, pads, holders, stands, busts, risers and steppers. A range of displays for necklaces, bangles, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and brooches. Also boxes for a range of different jewellery.

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