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JAXA Watch Case Back Opener Tool

Watch back case opener for screw back watches. Comes with full set of 12 keys in four types (Round, Flat, Square and Toothed) Has a long handle for extra strength which twists to set to the size of the watch back. Works on most screw back watches with teeth marks on the back. (Please note that the Jaxa does not work on Rolex backs, For Rolex please see item RWBO)

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How to use the Jaxa watch case back opener
Important: This case opener works with watch backs with slots or holes. Never force a watch back as they can be easily damaged.

1) Place and adjust three teeth to fit three slots to create a triangle. Make sure that the three teeth are all of equal base length.
2) It may be necessary to remove the watch strap or band as it may get in the way. (Please view our other watch tools for pin removers.)
3) Hold the watch in your palm and with your other hand hold the case opener firmly and carefully press it onto the watch case back.
4) Turn the handle to close in the three pieces and then firmly turn the opener counter clock-wise to open the watch back.
5) To avoid misshaping the watch back, loosen the case opener before lifting of the back.
6) If the watch back does not screw off do not force it. (Take the watch to a watch specialist to avoid damaging your watch.)

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